Urgent – update this website.

I am aware that my website needs updating. Surprised to realise that I really need to make significant changes.

Why? I have never been one hundred percent convinced that this kind of website is ultra-useful. But one thing is for sure – being significantly out of date can`t help. My summer resolution – do it.

I am in the process of completing reading the proofs of the short story collection, Tell it Not, and it looks as though this will be available some time in August – from online places like Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, and possibly others. Then it will be a question of getting reviews,I think. If you are interested in reviewing the collection, do get in touch.

We are weeks away from auditions and preparations for the production of Candlesticks, at The White Bear. In fact I think the info about the production – from September 27th to October 15th, will be on its website pretty soon.
This week I saw a short play, As Real as Anything, directed by Jenny Eastop, and I`m certainly looking forward to the rehearsal process of Candlesticks.

So – an interesting summer.