How a Play Gets Written.

Some good news regarding my story collection, title Tell it Not. At least I assume that is why there have suddenly been a number of hits on my (slightly old-fashioned did you say?) website  – in the USA.

There have been one or two people, both here and elsewhere who have ordered the book, and I will shortly be presenting at yet another small but valuable reading group.  I am pleased to be gaining this experience, and hoping to do more.

But meanwhile, inside my head, or in that place which is some imaginary stage somewhere, my play Remedies is reconstructing itself with great speed, and I have to work to keep up with where the characters are going, and why. Still a highly stageable piece requiring no more than 4 actors. But I am delighted to have discovered new ways of trying to bring to the stage some of the uncertainty, laced with humour, laced with some real events and information, mixed with some more uncertainty, that my experiences of ME – particularly in the early two long episodes, 2 years, then 5 years later another 3 – brought me.

Outside it is coming to the end of winter, and the world is a cruel and uncertain place. Thinking of the suffering in Turkey and Syria, and violence with suffering in Ukraine and Russia – does us no good, but it`s impossible not to do it.

On the bright side, I have made soup today to contribute to the Homeless of Barnet winter project. A handful of Churches and Synagogues join together to offer food and a night of shelter to a group of otherwise homeless people. Such a small contribution, but a real one. I wonder whether Keir Starmer and his team will be in power after the next election, and things like homelessness and food banks will eventually dwindle away. Hoping.