A good year for stories!

In spring 2018, my story `By Madeleine Black` was included in the April edition of the literary journal Stand Magazine. I really appreciated this recognition – even though one old friend, or perhaps I should say ex-friend, insisted there was nothing in the whole story that he could possibly like. Basically, too depressing, he felt.

“By Madeleine Black` was my third story in Stand. The first was called `The Saint on the Wall`, and the second, published in 2013, was called `Seventh Floor`. `The Emissary` will appear in the December issue.

In August 2018 `Waving in the Wind` was published online in the website Words for the Wild. I wonder who reads stories online? I do – occasionally. …

My new story called From the `Dining Room Table` featured in the 2018 Annual Short Story Review, published by Momaya Press. The anthology was called Coming of Age. `The Dressmaker` was published online by Litro Magazine, in their Story Sunday slot. 

It appeared in First Contact, the 2019 Annual Anthology of Didcot Writers. The launch was in autumn 2019.  

`Words,` appears in the Tenth Anniversary autumn 2020 edition of Jewishfiction.net and has already had great feedback.

In January 2022, I will be publishing a short story collection. Seventeen stories, of which ten have already been picked up by journals, websites or anthologies. The ones that haven`t are The Lizard, Camping Maybe, Rabbi Rabbi, and Talia. `Tell it Not` was published in the Jewish Quarterly in 1980, as The Shelter. It`s shorter now than then. I have added `A Lullaby at Midnight,` which appeared in Spare Rib (may it rest in peace,) in 1982.  `The Emissary` will be published in Stand Magazine in 2021, and after that will be free to join the collection. Working title: Tell it Not. Thanks to Peter Gimpel, at Red Heifer Press – California.

Half of the stories seem to deal with Jewish themes, and Israel is very much in the mix, because that country has had huge significance in my life. I like the mixture mixed in that way. It reflects my life, I think. Please contact me if you would like to read any of the stories.