I was born in Bristol, where I grew up. I studied Philosophy at Sheffield Uni, and after marriage to Jeff and 2 years in Leeds, I spent 7 years in Ashkelon, Israel, 37 years in Manchester, and now live in North London.  I brought up three sons, became a Psychiatric Social Worker, and wrote a novel or two. Through all these activities, I consistently planned and wrote plays.

In the nineteen nineties I was awarded an Arts Council Theatre Writing Bursary. Three scripts, including my second radio play FAT have been translated – into German, Portuguese and Hebrew respectively. In the section  `Plays,` you will find details of the ones I have written, including my new play, `Remedies,`  which is about people whose lives are affected by the little-understood illness popularly called M E.

On the same topic, I have just published on Amazon, as an ebook and a slim paperback, a memoir called M E and Me. Some full-hearted commendations already received, from people who have had M E, or live with someone who has it, or have tried to understand it. Since the emergence of Long-Covid, I have read of comparisons being drawn, and that there are joint research projects emerging. The effect viruses have on some people has never been more noticed.

My play The Song of Deborah is published on the website Smiths Scripts, of plays available for production in the UK. USA and other countries. A newish website, set up and run by Paul Smith.

My short story `By Madeleine Black` appeared in the spring issue ( 16.1) of the literary journal Stand Magazine.  `Waving in the Wind` is published on the website Words for the Wild. A colourful website featuring writing about the relationship between nature and urbanism. My story `From the Dining Room Table`  is published in the Momaya Press 2018 Anthology of Short Stories, called Coming of Age. The Dressmaker, a new story, appeared in Litro Online – in April 14th.  It also appeared in this year`s Didcot Writers Anthology of Short Stories, launched in the summer. The name of the Anthology – First Meeting. `Words` features in the Autumn 2020 edition of the online journal, Jewish Fiction.Net. `The Emissary` will be published in Stand Magazine in 2021. Other stories currently being reviewed by various journals. A collection of fourteen stories will be published in January 2022, by Red Heifer Press, based in California. Thank you, Peter Gimpel.  

With a post-graduate diploma in Ethics and Social Welfare, I have an active interest in Mental Health, particularly its social and cultural dimensions.  In 2019 I participated in The Unbroken Festival, in Barnes, run by the talented Emma King Farlow.  I wrote and directed the play Hanna, presented in the festival`s showcase evening. I ran a creative writing workshop. The Unbroken Festival explores connections between the worlds of mental health and the arts. I loved it.

I am interested in new writing projects, and like location work. Eg I was Writer in Residence at Greater Manchester Police Museum, where I enjoyed researching in the archives before writing Fire in the Park – set in Manchester in 1885.

I love writing groups. Post-Corona I am hoping to set up a new writing group meeting at Trinity Church, Nether Street, N12 7NN, North Finchley.  It will meet fortnightly – the day and time yet to be decided. Once the dates are fixed it works like this: Your first group will be free – a taster. If you decide to commit, then the charge is £90.00 for each series of 6 two hour workshops.Social distancing will be observed. If you are interested please contact me through this website…..