Candlesticks at The White Bear September 27th – October 15th

Please see below what will shortly be on the White Bear Theatre`s website. Seems quite a few people, and groups are already interested. Meanwhile, I am continuing to proof-read my short stories in the collection, soon to be published, Tell it Not. So everything is fine, apart from three things.

One – the weather. Far too hot. Two – I really could do with an agent, or a PA at least. Ha ha. Three – at the back of my mind (and how can it not be in all our minds, all the time,) the dangers to our world that didn`t feel quite so scary the last time Candlesticks was staged. I mean, the Russia-Ukraine war, not to mention the famines, suffering and uncertainties across the globe. Seeing on the news that a telescope can now perceive as far as 13 million light years away (not sure if that`s right,) doesn`t seem sufficiently reassuring. When Brian Cox said, with his optimistic and super-intelligent face lit up with enthusiasm and understanding, `So we can see when time began,` or words to that effect, Jeff and I turned to each other in our armchairs and said, as one: `But what about before time began?` And now the blurb.

Controversial, topical, challenging, sometimes comical, always thought-provoking. Two households have been neighbours for years; the mothers – lifelong friends with frequently sparky disagreements; their children – childhood sweethearts. But the Jewish daughter makes an astonishing announcement on the eve of Passover, while the gentile son next door sets out on his own voyage of discovery. How can their mothers cope (or not) with children who become so passionately committed to new beliefs that they may be lost to each other and to their families?
The play received an Arts Council Writing Bursary in 1993 and was staged in London and Manchester. In 2022 it is even more relevant and even more contentious than 30 years ago.

Contact me if you are interested in participating in an after show discussion.