Candlesticks has started.

Candlesticks opened on Tuesday night, and tonight, its third show, is press night.  A full house, I gather, and of course Jeff and I will be going along.   Because the play was done before, and because the script has been honed, scrubbed and polished, I don`t feel afraid of it. It is what it is, and that is that.

But seeing new actors filling the shoes of the characters, and seeing the work Jenny Eastop and they have put into bringing them to life…I do ask myself, obviously, should I have paid more attention to this play writing business? Should I have studied drama, acting, directing, all of that, myself? In my younger years I was utterly unsuited to those roles. Does believing yourself to be unsuited mean you actually are unsuited? I`ll never know now.

The news is getting peculiarly troubling at the moment. (Is it ever not troubling?) The poor getting poorer, the rich getting richer, the whole world getting less politically balanced (and therefore safe,) than I`ve ever known it.  Fortunately, I believe, being old does let you off the hook to  a degree. There`s no way I could sustain being useful actively, for any cause.

So on I go, hoping enough people like the play, or at least appreciate its meanings, to make the adventure worthwhile! Thank you again, Jenny Eastop, Mary Tillett, Sophie McMahon, Kathryn Worth, James Duddy and Assistant Director Jonny Forester. All of you.