I have been distracted for the last few weeks by having Covid, and by the shadow of the news
which is there whenever we put on the TV or radio, and won`t go away however much I might will it to. Scary, depressing, and it has stopped me in my tracks with the writing of what I think was going to develop into some kind of memoir. Currently that seems to be on hold.

But there are also positive things to think about. Director Jenny Eastop will be directing a new production of Candlesticks, at The White Bear Theatre in Kennington, in a three week run starting as Rosh Hashanah finishes. That evening, I mean. I am pleased about this, and grateful to the White Bear (must ask where it got its name,) and its Artistic Director Michael Kingsbury.

Meanwhile I am waiting for the print on demand publication of my story collection, called `Tell it Not,` and have agreed with Peter Gimpel of Red Heifer Press on a design for the cover. I asked several people including sons, what they thought about the proposed design, and one son remarked: but mother, isn`t there supposed to be a saying…don`t judge a book by its cover?

Jeff had Covid too, and we are both not quite back to whatever normal is for our age and general state. But today we went to have a light lunch with a son, in his lovely garden, and saw spring around us, and felt the sunshine.