Three Sisters

There is the famous play. There is me, and my sisters. There is the play The Tyler Sisters which we are going to see this evening. At Hampstead Theatre. Directed by Abigail Graham.

I`m getting into the swing of 2020 by working on a new short story, not about sisters, but about a character I am calling Shula. The lighting strikes and thunderstorms of her incredibly difficult adult life have been (this being the theme of the story) reflections of my protagonist`s own inner turbulence. But her inner angst, or whatever you call it has always remained reasonably subdued and secured – to the extent that at times she believes herself to be one of the most sane, stable and satisfied people you could ever meet. Who knows? I`m just the writer. Watching these two women weave and unweave their lives.

I am reading The Man Who Saw Everything and loving the careful apparently fact-based style of it – but then loving even more the way it confuses me.

When I finish `Shula` I will have 40,000 words of a short story collection. Time to think of how to get the stories published. A new year resolution.