The name of my new play publishing company is…..

We`re in the middle of summer…but lots happening. My project of publishing The Song of Deborah this year is moving along nicely, and I am also continuously editing Paper in the Cracks, as I watch its progress towards…who knows what, exactly. And when I say `continuously,` I do not mean `continually.` I mean even when I`m not at the computer, it is in my head, on my mind.
Although The Song of Deborah will be what is known as `self-published` I have been advised to think of a name for the one-woman publishing company which will then belong to me. I will have 10 ISBN numbers, and I have no idea what ISBN stands for.
I`m preparing material for an article I will be writing in the autumn on the fascinating topic of Jewish Memorabilia. This will be particularly in relation to the series of most mysterious happenings I have mentioned before. Anyone know anything about the lively market out there, the auctioning of old hand-written letters by heads of various institutions of Jewish learning? And is there an M A in How to Become a Private Investigator?
I have not been incredibly well, recently. Jeff finds it annoying that I`m not able to get out and about in London town…but for me a real compensation is that to sit at a computer and fiddle with the lines of a poem…requires concentration of the sweetest kind, and not much physical stamina at all. I`ve put together two or three clusters of 3 -5 poems, which seems to be what most journals and competitions require. Who knows. Time to send some off.
And it is now a month till the launch of my new writing group at Trinity Church, Nether Street. I will be emailing all those who have said they are interested, and re-advertising on Next Door.
Now, let me think of a name….