I have signed the contract for the publication of my short story collection, but haven`t yet posted it, secure delivery, to its destination in California. But I am pleased to have done this and in a few days will write to the three UK publishers who have not yet read or commented on the collection that they may as well not bother to read it now.

Moving on….l am working on a new story, and planning to return to the novel `Ten Letters` that I began way back in some lockdown time…

Today of all days, I do allow my thoughts to dwell on my second novel, Paper in the Cracks, because a) it is autobiographical, and b) the last section is set in Jerusalem at the time of the Six Day War – hence the title. The point about the story collection is that more than half of them have been given the badge of respectability by publication in various journals, websites or anthologies.

I often read at the start of good novels messages such as: `I will always be grateful to my amazing editor, Sophie, or Barbara, or Calum, or whoever, without whom I would never have completed this novel. Also, my amazing team of researchers, not to mention my group of critics, Mandy, Judy, Pamela, April, whose generous and helpful comments made the whole writing process so much fun!` Etcetera. Oh well.