From `M E and Me` to `M E and Us.` A new idea.

Having ideas is easy. Putting them into practice is less so. Recently I had a serious conversation with someone who had known several other people who had had M E. Even more than many of the supportive friends and relations who have all, in recent years been `converts` to the acceptance of the condition as something undeniably real. This person believed utterly in the story I have told in my memoir M E and Me. (Available on Amazon. Look for M E and Me, Deborah Freeman.)

Out of this conversation came the new idea, and now it only remains to put it into practice. I would like to produce a new book, probably longer than M E and Me, which would be called M E and Us. To this end I would hope to set up a new writing group, for people who either have M E, have had it, or care about/for someone affected by it. I have a great deal of experience of writing groups, and I now think that a compendium of writings on the topic of M E would be a great thing to produce. Is this just an idea? Ideas are so easy to have.

Meanwhile I am working on a new short story, in which I am linking the sense of vulnerability which has certainly affected most of us during this covid year, with an incident that took place years ago. Loving this work, really loving it.

And as previously, waiting till the publication of my story collection is signed and sealed. Not quite yet. Soon.