Things Happening

Things seem to be happening, and I realise I haven`t blogged for ages. Not that many people read this website. Most of the Contact Messages I get tend to be from people with weird email addresses, weirder names, and include lists of pornographic activities I might be interested in. I delete them.

If anyone reading this would kindly send me a brief message through the contact form, that would confirm it is still working, and operational. That would be useful, given current circumstances.

I am having discussions about one of my plays, and waiting for the proofs of Tell It Not, my story collection. Stand Magazine has been delayed this year, but The Emissary should still be in it- eventually. I am successfully working on something new, which until now only has the title something like Walking Through Puddles. That is a very provisional title. It may turn out to be a memoir of sorts. Meanwhile I started by describing every one of my parents` siblings. My mother had four, my father three. All but one made the move from the UK to Israel. Actually, one, my father`s older sister Sarah moved to Israel years before it was Israel. It was Palestine when she settled there in 1922. She became an English teacher at the Evelina de Rothschild School in Jerusalem.

Incidentally, not my but my sister`s family history includes Gaza connections. Her late husband`s great uncle owned land in Gaza. Must get the details for next blog, because this is a really interesting story.

Good week, all, and don`t watch too much news.