That Ubiquitous Plot Theme Again…

I`ve been really busy finishing first one, then another short story. The current story – this time I am certain – will be the last in the collection I will be putting together soon.
But in London there is always plenty to do and see. We tend to put plays first, music second, and galleries third, so miss most of the art exhibitions. To compensate for this unfortunate fact, we are going to see The Cutting Edge at The Arcola tonight, which I have read is about a couple who used to run an art gallery….
At the weekend I saw Albion, by Mike Bartlett, at The Almeida. It was a delight. Though – I am such a gullible audience member, that I do sometimes get irritated at special effects. `Think when we speak of horses that you see them,` has always worked for me, and I sometimes think – leave the effects alone, give me a dark stage, and good lighting, and I`ll see whatever you want me to see. Still, there was a moment in Albion when the dead soldier son came onto the stage, and sat down beside his mother – and this wasn`t special effects at all. This was theatricality at work – and it made me cry.
On my facebook page today I was alerted to a new series being put together by the team that created the violent but compelling Israeli series Fauda. Curiously, I read the paragraph which described how certain streets in Tel Aviv keep getting closed off, for filming. Then I read on, to learn about the basic plot – and oh look, that story again. What I call The Ubiquitous Theme. The new series starts when…..the central character`s….…wife….yes you heard….wife – is killed in a hit and run car accident. Sorry, Lior Raz, but I am disappointed.