That same beginning! In The White Lotus. Unbelievable!

What surprises me, time and again, is not just that this ubiquitous plot motif continues to underlie series after series, story after story, plot after plot – the one about the dead wife/mother, I mean. What genuinely confounds me is that ( Jeff excepted, because he has learned from me,) I seem to be the only person in the world who notices the phenomenon.

In a week in which we are all heart-broken and terrified as we witness what people, specifically men are capable of believing and doing when it comes to women and girls – I mean the events unfolding in Afghanistan – it will seem petty to some people that I continue to obsess about what happens to wives and mothers in made-up stories in the `enlightened` West. But as I see it, what I call the ubiquitous plot motif and what is happening in Kabul are on the same spectrum – albeit at far-apart opposite ends of it. The spectrum is called Misogyny. Versions of.

Looking through yesterday`s Guardian online last night – late night reading – I clicked on the following.

“The White Lotus is Big Little Lies with another two and a half turns of the screw – an equally sumptuously set miniseries with a mystery fatality at its heart. But this time, its subject is the monstrousness of affluence rather than mere snobbery.

We open with newlywed Shane (Jake Lacy) batting away questions from a friendly couple in an airport departure lounge about where his wife is, as he gazes down at cargo labelled “Human remains” that is being loaded on to their flight.”

I stopped reading, clicked out of the review, turned over, and went to sleep.