`Tell It Not`

`Tell It Not` will definitely either be or not be the title of my forthcoming collection of short stories. One of the stories, published in The Jewish Quarterly in the nineteen eighties as `The Shelter,` is now called ` Tell It Not.` Final decision re title to be made in due course but meanwhile I am busy editing, and finishing one new story. The collection will be published in January 2022 by Red Heifer Press, which comes from California. Thank you Peter Gimpel.

Meanwhile there is a truce about to start between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, which can only be a good thing, and Jeff is recovering from a minor fall, which (he assures me) looked worse than it was. Choosing an unconventional way of getting off the bed after an afternoon nap, he slithered (apparently) onto the floor. Very kind neighbours came to help. A lovely couple from the ground floor, actually, with delightful twins aged 7. With their permission I will include their names next blog and thank them properly.

Incidentally, although we love living near a tube station, I was pleased to read that on Sunday the whole Northern Line is on vacation. A restful day, then.