Tell It Not.

That is going to be the title of my short story collection. Jeff jokes that it`s offering easy puns for a reviewer who perhaps doesn`t like the stories. But I reckon anyone can dislike or like any story at any time.

I chanced upon a project inviting Emerging Writers to apply for funding and support, ( The Genesis Project,) and realised that I can`t qualify because writers with a contract are excluded. Also, I am a bit old, I reckon.

But seriously – I really am pleased that more than half of the stories in the collection have already appeared in journals, or online or anthologies. Yes – still get episodes of `Imposter Syndrome.`

Just a few thoughts. I`m deep into a new (and for this collection final) story now called The Literary Group, or something like it. New characters. A new viewpoint, one I`ve never explored before. Hope it works. I`m loving working on it.