My short story collection, title Tell it Not, was published in 2022 by Red Heifer Press, USA, and has been available on Amazon, and through Barnes & Noble, and Waterstones.   With gratitude and respect, and in accordance with certain details in our contract, I have now parted company with Red  Heifer Press, but a second edition of the collection will be published in 2024 – details to follow.

The 17 stories in Tell it Not include 11 which have been published previously, in journals, anthologies and websites.

`Words’ was published in the website in 2021.  ‘The Saint on the Wall,’  ‘Seventh Floor,’  ‘By Madeleine Black’  and ‘The Emissary’ were published in the literary journal Stand magazine over a period of quite a few years.

‘Tell it Not’ was first published in The Jewish Quarterly in the nineteen eighties, as ‘The Shelter.’

‘The Dressmaker’  appeared in Litro Online in 2021, and also in an anthology published by Didcot Writers.

I have presented the collection in talks and reading groups, and am booked for more in the coming months.  Do get in touch through the contact form here if you are interested.  If you would like to review the collection, get in touch, and you will receive a copy.

Since the publication of Tell it Not, I have completed a new 5000 word story, title ‘Amos.’

(Re poems. ‘Open a Gate for Us,’ will be in the forthcoming Yom Kippur Prayer Book of the Reform Movement of Great Britain. )