A good year for stories!

In spring 2018, my story `By Madeleine Black` was honoured by being included in the April edition of the literary journal Stand Magazine. I really appreciated this recognition – even though one old friend, or perhaps I should say ex-friend, insisted there was nothing in the whole story that he could possibly like. Basically, too depressing, he felt.

“By Madeleine Black` was my third story in Stand. The first was called `The Saint on the Wall`, and the second, published in 2013, was called `Seventh Floor`. 

In August 2018 `Waving in the Wind` was published online in the website Words for the Wild. I wonder who reads stories online? I do – occasionally. …

My new story called From the `Dining Room Table` featured in the 2018 Annual Short Story Review, published by Momaya Press. The anthology was called Coming of Age. `The Dressmaker` was published online by Litro Magazine, in their Story Sunday slot. 

It appeared in First Contact, the 2019 Annual Anthology of Didcot Writers. The launch was in autumn 2019.  

`Words,` appears in the Tenth Anniversary autumn 2020 edition of Jewishfiction.net and has already had great feedback.

This year I will be publishing a short story collection. Fourteen stories so far, of which nine have already been picked up by journals, websites or anthologies. The ones that haven`t are The Lizard, Camping Maybe, Rabbi Rabbi, and Talia. `Tell it Not` was published in the Jewish Quarterly in 1980, as The Shelter. It`s shorter now than then. I have added `A Lullaby at Midnight,` which appeared in Spare Rib (may it rest in peace,) in 1982.  And `The Emissary` will be published in Stand Magazine in 2021. 

Half of the stories seem to deal with Jewish themes, and Israel is very much in the mix, because that country has had huge significance in my life. I like the mixture mixed in that way. It reflects my life, I think. Please contact me if you would like to read any of the stories.