Stand Magazine, The White Bear and Angus Gaunt.

I`m working on a new short story, inspired by a lunch we experienced during the Diamond Jubilee weekend. It`s called Person up a Tree, or something like it. It happens rarely these days, that something clicks, an inner engine revs, the thing happens that has to happen when you simply know that there is this story, and this is the one you want to write.

Along the way, my revision of Paper in the Cracks is going so well that on some days I know beyond doubt that once I finish polishing this late draft, an agent or publisher will grab it.

Along the way, Stand Magazine Volume 20, 1 is out, and my name is on the cover. My story The Emissary is there, and I recall what launched me into writing it. Next to me on the cover is the Australian writer Angus Gaunt, whose story I have just read. I liked it so much I did two things. I immediately gave it to Jeff to read, and I googled the writer. In the troubled times we live in, with great harm being caused by lies, exaggerations and extremisms magnified and spread by the internet – I nevertheless find google, when used sensibly by me, a wonderful phenomenon. Access to anyone, anywhere, from your living room!

Candlesticks is set to open at The White Bear on September 27th, directed by Jenny Eastop. We have opened a Gofundme website, to raise money to pay the actors. I emphasize when alerting people to the site that money raised will go to support actors, and definitely not to me! Fringe theatre has been incredibly challenged and damaged during the covid seasons.

Tell it Not, my story collection, is almost at proof stage. I should shortly be receiving the proofs to look at…