M E and Me

I`m not sure how often, if at all I have referred to M E, since I began blogging. I have had it, or something like it twice. Or perhaps three times. No need to go into detail, as I have already done this in a 20,000 word memoir which I have called M E and Me. What`s new is that I have decided to publish the memoir as an ebook. (A kind person is helping me with the technical side of the project. Will check he won`t mind me mentioning his name.) I have long had reservations, rightly or wrongly about the question of self-publishing, even though I am aware that many excellent writers do self-publish. They have done, from the beginning of history until today. Self-publishing alone neither improves nor harms anyone`s work.

At any rate – M E is a little understood condition, and I have no idea how my little ebook will be received, or understood. But the decision is made.