Smiths Scripts and The Song of Deborah

This has been a full and interesting week. I have received some moving emails in response to M E and Me. One person, among other things found the memoir comforting – and said it reflected so many of her experiences. Her husband has suffered from M E for a long time. Another person, a long-since retired psychiatrist remarked among other things that the memoir should be used as a training tool for medical students.

I am now in the process of making one or two changes in the little book before handing it back to Amazon for publication as a slim paperback. I will start contacting bookshops etc. The paperback will sell at £5.99.

Alongside this a publisher from far far away – California in fact – is interested in publishing my short story collection. A few things to think about and talk through, but then – hey, why not? This could be fun, I find myself thinking!

And as if the week wasn`t full enough – Paul Smith, of Smiths Scripts, will shortly be publishing The Song of Deborah online.