A week to reflect in perhaps. A friend`s husband died suddenly, a neighbour tragically died recently. No-one is getting any younger. I am not young. I have worked hard on my novel Paper in the Cracks and am almost ready to submit it. A story I drafted 4 years ago, then cut, edited, over another year or two, has been picked up by the literary website/journal Litro Online. `The Dressmaker` will be published online on April 14th, in StorySunday. Jeff`s birthday, actually. I`ve counted my published short stories, and there are quite a few. Enough for a collection maybe. Have I not been assiduous enough in promoting my own work? Certainly, where plays are concerned I have learned that to sit at home and write a play is not, other than in exceptional and rare circumstances, a route to a playwriting career. Most plays come to the stage and publication through intense social and creative interaction between writer, actors, directors, producers, mysterious contacts and connections. Actually, given the absence of most of that in my experience, it`s a miracle my plays have found their way to productions at all. Hope to publish some of them this year.