“Paper in the Cracks,” and a new writing group.

After months of work I have completed my novel Paper in the Cracks. I started this more than 2 decades ago, but after about 40,000 words put it to one side. Last year I reviewed it and decided to work on it again and to complete it. I have had positive feedback from a couple of significant people, and am now starting to send it round. I hope that once an agent takes it/me on, I will then be able to offer `Mrs Faust` my previous novel, which itself had a near miss before I put it to one side.

Meanwhile, I am working on a new short story, which is going well, and making early, as yet tentative plans to write a whole new play. I have the name. “In Perpetuity.” I love the name.

Saw a new play last week. Jude, at Hampstead Theatre.

Unfortunately, the monthly writing group at Osidge Library N22 has come to an end. But another is about to take off, and this delights me. The new group will be held at Trinity Church, Nether Street, North Finchley, between 6.00 and 8.00 pm. I`ve sorted my Public Liability Insurance, so ..ready to go. Details to follow.

Last week I attended a great book launch, and felt peculiarly connected to the talented Scottish-American author, Leah Hazard. The book is called Hard Pushed, and is a dramatically told set of anecdotes from the frontline of midwifery in today`s NHS. My parents, Joseph and Betty Yoffey, lived next door to Diti and Stephan Korner, in Tyndall Avenue, Bristol. One night, I was 3 and asleep, and Stephan came knocking on our door, to ask my father for help. Diti was in labour. My father, Professor of Anatomy at Bristol University hadn`t delivered a baby for many years, but he went next door, and Ann was born. Stephan became an eminent Professor of Philosophy, Ann grew up, became a scientist and moved to America. Leah Hazard is Ann`s daughter! When the Q&A began at the launch I stood up, and couldn`t help myself. `My father,` I told the eloquent midwife, `delivered your mother!`