Outreach and things.

A few months ago I began to write something that might become memoirs – but was interrupted by the tragedy of the war in Ukraine. Like millions, and instantly reliving my shock and horror during the Cuba crisis, when I was sixteen, I lost focus.

But in fact there are things I need to focus on, which connect with things already written. It is now confirmed that Candlesticks will be on at The White Bear, opening September 27th, directed by Jenny Eastop. Lots to look forward to there.

Last week we went to the Sam Wanamaker Theatre at The Globe and saw The Merchant of Venice, directed by Abigail Graham in a sophisticated and contemporary style, and allowing the basic decency of Shylock and the cruelty of antisemitism to shine through. (Only problem – incredibly uncomfortable seating in that theatre!) The thing that made me smile was this: in a brief scene in which Jessica left home, climbing out of a window at night, to be with her beloved Lorenzo – I was delighted to see Abigail Graham had sent her on her way carrying a pair of Shabbat candlesticks. Waving them, actually. Yes, Shabbat candlesticks are a powerful symbol, and have a significant role in my play too!

Meanwhile today is the last day on which I can send any changes to proofs of The Emissary, which will be in the April edition of Stand Magazine. Only one small edit. Change the name of the travel agency again. OldNew Tours sounds about right this time.

And the next thing. The print on demand publication of my story collection Tell it Not by Red Heifer Press.I have approached a couple of possible reviewers. Do contact me if you are interested in reviewing.