New Tree Publishing

I am preparing to publish my play The Song of Deborah, and have been writing, rewriting, deleting, writing, a `preface` to what will be a slim volume, but I hope a useful one – successful also!

Many writers self-publish these days. I am joining their ranks slowly. ie I am not quite ready to launch my two novels independently. Mrs Faust. Paper in the Cracks.

But the plays, particularly The Song of Deborah, are a different matter. SOD was one of three plays for which I was awarded an Arts Council of England Theatre Writing Bursary; and one of the scripts I discussed with a deputy literary manager at The National; it has had 5 productions – 4 in the UK in English, one in Jerusalem at the Khan Theatre Studio in Hebrew.

Claire, My advisor/mentor in this new project tells me I need to name my new publishing company. This is what all independent publishers do. It was going to be Palm Tree Publishing. But that didn`t sound right. My namesake Deborah the Judge, on whom the play is based, had to give her judgments while sitting under a palm tree…But that was another time, and another place. Connected, but more in keeping with today`s zeitgeist, I have chosen New Tree Publishing.