My new website is going live

It`s a warm autumn afternoon. My new website is going live. If you are reading this – it has gone live.

Since I last blogged, three of my short stories have either been published, or accepted for publication. `By Madeleine Black` in Stand Magazine. `Waving in the Wind,` on the website `Words for the Wild.` `From the Dining Room Table`   is in the Momaya Press 2018 Short Story Anthology, called `Coming of Age.`

I have seen some excellent plays, along with disappointing ones. Question: how far do you go on a blog in criticising a play?  A show I disliked recently had a cast of five, lasted an hour and a half. The actors and director, not to mention the writer had clearly worked hard to bring it to the theatre. I worked hard to get to it, too. Changed tubes twice.

I started looking at my watch from five minutes in, and most of what I felt for the duration was  exasperation that the light from the stage didn`t illuminate the dial enough.

So – no. No name mentioned. (Perhaps I`ll get braver…)

A brilliant play, on the other hand, has to be named.  At the little Jermyn Street Theatre I saw `About Leo,` by Alice Allemano. Directed by Michael Oakley.  The story was about the English-born Mexican artist & writer Leonora Carrington, who lived with Max Ernst the surrealist painter in 1930`s France.

I had heard a radio programme about this astonishing woman, and had previously seen actress Susan Tracy in a lovely play at the Finborough Arms Theatre, so I was expecting something good. But what we found was something better than good.

Lovely colourful way of telling the story. A young journalist doubled as the pointer and relayer of Leonora`s life story, and also, I felt, as the voice of the playwright, relishing an exploration of art, feminism – and youth.

I didn`t look at my watch once.  Congratulations to the cast.   Phoebe Pryce – (Leonora Carrington (Younger)  Susan Tracy – Leonora Carrington (Older)   Nigel Whitmey – Max Ernst   and    Eleanor Wyld – Eliza Prentice.