Indecent – not indecent at all!

We saw Indecent at the Menier Chocolate Factory, and loved it. A play within a play, actually. It was a play by writer Paula Vogel, directed by Rebecca Taichman. And it was about another play – God of Vengeance – written in 1907 by Yiddish poet and playwright Sholem Asch.

A stunning and moving production, about which much seems to be already written. See the five star review by Times journalist and critic Libby Purvis. As a late friend used to often say, when we chatted: `I couldn `t have put it better myself!`

Above all, I came away exhilerated by the realisation that a play, a really good one, genuinely does have a life of its own. The cast list was a misrepresentation, in my opinion. The play, God of Vengeance was actually the central character. I saw it, this abstract human-made structure. A reality of some other world kind, but absolutely of this world. So much to think about.