Done it. Sort of.

M E & Me is now available as an ebook online. Many thanks to John Wheatley for amazing help and support. John Wheatley, who has written and published a number of books, most of them extremely well-researched historical novels, is not only a friend of a friend – but happens to have been English and Drama teacher at Parrs Wood High School, Manchester, when our sons were there….

Alongside the stress (not the serious kind) of working to get this memoir off the ground, I took time out to look at the huge file we have kept of all our sons` school reports. One or two from `Mr Wheatley` himself! It seems a long time ago now, and I have to say, that as parents we were sometimes a bit too inattentive to whatever our sons were getting up to in school.

How do I know this? From reading the reports.

Meanwhile, I saw on facebook that Spare Rib is now stored safely in the British Library, and this reminded me that I had a short story published in it – a Long Time Ago. `Lullaby at Midnight.` Will copy it into my short story collection. Rereading it now, I can see that I was as yet unable or unwilling to write anything about the social reality of my life in the late seventies. We had returned to the UK after seven years in Ashkelon, Israel. A big change. Lullaby at Midnight is a very simple story about a baby who won`t stop crying. Several stories and a novel later, I think I can say I have managed to write a bit about Jewish identity, in relation to Israel, Britain, and us. But not keen on self-publishing that material. Yet.