Creative Writing Group, North Finchley

This has been a busy time. For several days I seem to have been glued to the TV watching Brexit – except for this evening when like everyone else I have been shaken by the news of 39 people killed in a truck trying to escape here for a better life. What kind of a world is it.

I have been busy working on a new story, named provisionally My Crimes, but hopefully to be awarded a better title when it`s done and dusted. It concerns the ethics of writing – something that has always bothered me. What is one permitted to write about, and what is one not permitted? Who decides, and why? Do when and where figure in the decision-making process?

The creative writing group I have started to run in North Finchley is meeting again tomorrow night. I am hoping to increase the numbers- there are still spaces. The group is fortnightly, and I am charging ( following a free taster meeting) £90.00 for a series of 6 2 hours workshops. Do get in touch through this website if you are interested. The address: Trinity Church, Nether Street, London N12 7NN.

Meanwhile I completed a 3000 word story, named Words.

And plays? Yes, a couple, but that`s what happens when you are caught up in bemused panic at the state of our so-called parliamentary democracy…and writing something new. You forget to review them.