Artemisia Gentileschi at The National Gallery

I have enrolled in a course offered by the journal Jewish Renaissance, of which the first session is an account of women in biblical art, or is it woman artists and biblical topics? Whichever, the great Artemisia Gentileschi will feature in the first session, so I am curious to attend. My knowledge of art, art history and artists is limited, but from time to time an artist becomes of special personal interest to me. I first became curious about William Holman Hunt on the day I walked past the house he had built for himself and his second wife, in Rechov Hanevi`im, in Jerusalem. And now, Artemisia Gentileschi intrigues me for a different reason.

Meanwhile I am waiting for the publication of the latest issue of Stand Magazine, and my story collection, which will be titled `Tell it Not,` 17 Short Stories by Deborah Freeman. And along the way, there are chats with Jenny Eastop about Candlesticks, which she will direct at The White Bear Theatre, Kennington for three weeks from September 27th. So lots to think about, and I am pleased these things are happening.

Meanwhile – I hope I have succeeded in inserting a portrait here. This morning on facebook I came across a discussion of the artist Emmanuel Levy, but when I tried to re-locate it, it had vanished. I wanted to say…that in July 1961 Emmanuel Levy came to our house in Bristol, and did portraits of myself and my sisters, and an oil portrait of our mother. I was an uncertain teenager with auburn hair, and he was already a significant and successful artist.