Age of Confidence: The New Jewish Culture Wave.

I didn`t know there was a new Jewish culture wave, and neither did I know we were in what could be called `an age of confidence.` But I am delighted about the forthcoming book of that title, edited by David Benmayer and Rebecca Taylor, with a foreword by Howard Jacobson. The purpose of the book is to mark and celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the quarterly journal Jewish Renaissance.

I was pleased to hear recently that the book will comprise several commissioned chapters, or pieces, by a variety of people – and a selection of half a dozen articles from previous issues of the journal. Included will be an article I wrote in 2007, about a Festival of Jewish Theatre, held in Vienna. On rereading the article I am reminded of just how moving, interesting, occasionally puzzling the various sessions and performances were that I then wrote about.

I`m also pleased about the timing of the launch of the book – September. Not long after that, my short story The Emissary will be published in the literary journal Stand Magazine, and then in January 2022, the whole story collection will be published by Red Heifer Press and will be available on Amazon. Title: Tell it Not.

(Currently my self-published memoir M E and Me is available both on Amazon and Kindle.) And now on with some more editing of stories, and writing of a new one. This new one keeps making me smile. And nobody would believe the kernel of truth – the two conversations – that led me to write it.