A Play called Stories at The National

A short blog, because I`m still an apprentice on the new website. I saw Stories, by Nina Raine, at The Dorfman.

Many beautiful one-liners, lovely to see the topic of fertility and childbirth explored in a woman`s voice, and some great acting. (Though what would you expect, really, at the NT?)

It occurred to me that the play might have been even more moving had it been condensed into a one-act play, or at least been performed with no interval.

Most interesting of all, I sat next to some people who claimed to have known, or at least have connections with one or more of the characters. `The actors?` I asked. `No – the characters,` was the reply. I frequently feel that characters in a play are drawn from the playwright`s real life. But it`s rare for it to be confirmed in that way. Engaging, I thought.