A Party.

Went to a lovely Christmas Party the other day. Emma King-Farlow, a hostess of great grace, in her parents` home in Barnes. We have become accustomed to living in North London, and I always enjoy travelling south. There were interesting people of all ages. Shame it was dark and we couldn`t admire the sweep of the Thames close by.

In 2018 I participated in the Unbroken Festival, set up and run by Emma, and so I reminded myself on the way home to think about ten minute plays again. This year I have let Remedies, a full-length play, slow cook on a back burner, and have written some short stories. `Words` will appear on the website Jewish Fiction.net, in 2020, and I hope that Something Good, which I completed only a week or so back, will find a home.

Really needing now to locate publishers of short story anthologies. Let me know if you know of any.

Christmas/Chanukah break coming up now, and once I get the wax removed from my ears, I hope to enjoy it!

Happy Christmas, Chanukah, New Year to all. (BTW – I was not delighted that the Conservatives won a big majority, but I was not sorry that Labour, in its present form, has been stopped in its tracks.)